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Teaching for Creativity

Can an arts curriculum, looking for "high road transfer", actually get you improvements in student creativity, and foster specific "thinking dispositions", by teaching for the transfer of those skills to other disciplines after they have been learned through creating works of art, music, theater and/or dance? Niel DePonte believes that the ability to "think outside the box", so valued in corporate America, can best be taught through the arts and he shares his thoughts in his course, "Teaching for Creativity in the Classroom".

Articles on Arts Education, why STEAM is better than STEM, and other information of interest to educators and arts advocates.

MetroArts Inc's Executive Artistic Director Niel DePonte has written extensively on why the arts matter in our schools and in our communities. MAI is a resource not only for his articles on the value of the arts and their relationship to teaching creative thinking, but the works of other authors as well. In this section you can click on links that take you to articles and videos that may be of particular interest to you.

–Are creative processes and critical thinking skills best taught through the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS) or the arts?
–The Arts, Creativity, Business, Teachers, and Thinking: Building a Better Box
–How making art, and exploring its related thinking arts, makes us a more intelligent society.
–On Being Career Ready: Whose Career Is It Anyway?
–The Argument for Arts Education
–The MetroArts Mission
–If the point of education is developing intelligence and the capacity for creative problem solving and communication, does Common Core get us there?


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